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Heavy Duty Hinge

Horse Trailer Hinges

When was the last time you looked at the door and ramp hinges on your horse trailer? For the safety of your horse, your vehicles, and yourself, Hoffman Hinge recommends that you check the hinges on your horse trailer as part of your regular maintenance routine. Inspect each hinge for:

  • Obstructions blocking the hinge function;
  • Rust preventing the smooth operation of the horse trailer hinge;
    or for
  • Corrosion rendering the horse trailer hinge unsafe or unusable.

Identify hinges that need repair or replacement prior to loading the trailer for transport.

Hoffman Hinge has replacement hinges for horse trailers

When it is necessary to replace a hinge on your horse trailer, Hoffman Hinge has a complete inventory of hinges suitable for horse trailer doors and ramps, including weld-on hinges, strap hinges, and continuous hinges. Our hinges are available in nearly any size and in many finishes. In addition, we offer custom hinges for specialty applications, such as wrap-around trailer doors, heavyweight trailer doors, and adjustable ramps.

Contact us for your replacement horse trailer hinges

Finding the right replacement hinge for your horse trailer is easy. Collect the following information:

  • Hinge function-Is the hinge on the horse entrance/exit, the horse-loading ramp, or on an auxiliary door (e.g., tack room, sleeping quarter, or feed room)?
  • Hinge type-Is the hinge a weld-on hinge, a strap hinge, a continuous hinge, or another type of hinge?
  • Hinge material-Is the hinge aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel? To what kind of material will it be affixed?
  • Hinge dimensions-What are the hinges dimensions? What is the diameter of the hinge pin? How many bolt holes are on the strap or along the flange?

Simply call or contact a Hoffman Hinge professional to discuss the available replacement options. We would be happy to provide a quote for replacement hinges. We look forward to helping you keep your horse trailer serviceable for years and thousands of miles to come.

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